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Dr. Jeremy FryThis page is designed to answer any questions that you may have about anything related to dentistry and orthodontics.

Since January 2007, many questions have been posted to our YouTube video pages, and this blog brings the opportunity to post such questions and comments on the Fry Orthodontics website. I invite other dental professionals to discuss and answer questions also related to their specific specialty. I hope you find these posts helpful in answering your questions.

Do Braces Hurt?

What to expect after you get your braces on… When you have braces placed or have recently have had them adjusted, the first few days can be sore. Because your teeth are shifting and trying to get used to the new pressure, it’s can be uncomfortable when you eat! The pain is a lot like a bruise…it really […]

Invisalign with Coffee or Tea

IS IT OK TO DRINK HOT BEVERAGES WITH INVISALIGN? This is a common question we get asked in our office.  Patients want to know if they can drink coffee or tea while wearing their Invisalign trays. There is some fear that the trays could warp with warm liquids, which might cause trays to not to […]

Floss or Waterpik…or BOTH?

HYGIENE TRENDS Can I use a waterpik instead of flossing? The answer is you should try to use BOTH!  They are complimentary in what they accomplish.  Both will help stimulate your gums and also remove plaque, but they do it in slightly different ways.  We will discuss the similarities and differences.  Flossing removes plaque that […]

Align On Time: Invisalign App

ALIGN ON TIME:  AN APP TO KEEP TRACK! Invisalign is an easy and convenient way of straightening your teeth. The aligner trays are virtually invisable, and you can remove them before you eat. With anything new, there will be challenges; and one of those is remembering when you’re supposed to switch to the next aligner in the series. If […]

Fry Men Final Beards

No Shave November is over and our doctors are now free to shave their scruffy beards! Thank you so much for all the support from our patients, friends, family, and staff! Fry Orthodontics will be donating a grand total of $1,418 to the No Shave November Foundation!! An extra big thank you to our doctors […]

Fry Women Support No Shave November

As the end of the month draws near, I wanted to give a shout out to all the wonderful ladies of Fry Orthodontics who have helped promote No Shave November.  Here is a flash back of some of the photos that were taken during the last month. These ladies really know how to grow some […]


Some men are remembered for their facial hair. Some rock! Some just wouldn’t be the same if they were clean-shaven. They might look a few years younger, but is it worth it to forgo a cool signature look just to “shave” off a few years? We think not for these fellas! 5. The “80s” Tom […]