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Dr. Jeremy FryThis page is designed to answer any questions that you may have about anything related to dentistry and orthodontics.

Since January 2007, many questions have been posted to our YouTube video pages, and this blog brings the opportunity to post such questions and comments on the Fry Orthodontics website. I invite other dental professionals to discuss and answer questions also related to their specific specialty. I hope you find these posts helpful in answering your questions.


Thumb sucking is a natural instinct for infants. They use their mouths to become acquainted with their environment and often put fingers, toes, and other objects in their mouth to test them out. Even though it may be natural, thumb sucking can lead to the same complications as a pacifier if used persistently and long-term. […]

Orthodontics and Sleep Apnea

Many people snore, but some people have sleep apnea (which is when a person stops breathing for short extended periods of time while sleeping). Sleep apnea can be a very dangerous condition that can be harmful to ones’ heart. Dental devices that are currently available are only effective for mild to moderate sleep apnea. Most […]

What is a 3-D Clear Retainer?

After having braces, you will need a retainer to keep your teeth positioned the same as they are when you have your braces removed. One option is to have a 3-D Clear Retainer made to keep everything in place. The 3-D Clear is made of a clear acrylic (plastic) that covers all surfaces of the […]


Fry Orthodontic Specialists offers many flexible, affordable payment options. We will always try to work with each individual family to accommodate their financial situation. You may pay your portion in full after insurance is subtracted; and receive a 5% discount. Or, you may put down a deposit (large or small) depending on your budget, in […]


Contrary to what some may think, TMJ is not a disorder! TMJ actually describes a hinged joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull….also known as the temporomandibular joint. This joint is flexible; which allows the jaw to move up and down or side to side. It also allows for talking, chewing, and yawning. […]


Did you know that you can get too much of a good thing? We all know that fluoride is important to the health of our children’s teeth, but did you know that too much is not good? It is especially harmful to kids under the age of 8 (whose teeth are still developing under the […]

George Washington’s Bad Teeth

Did you know????? It is a fact that George Washington suffered from such bad dental health that he lost all his teeth at an early age? He had two sets of false teeth that were actually made of hippopotamus ivory and gold…not wood. The only problem with these creative dentures is that they were made […]